Nov 11, 2009

Iranian Groups to Address 2nd UN Forum on Minority Issues

On 12 and 13 November 2009, UNPO will facilitate the attendance of five Iranian groups to the 2nd Session of the Forum on Minority Issues: Ahwazi-Arabs, Kurds,  Baloch, Azeri-Turks and Lur.  


The Forum on Minority Issues was established specifically to provide an opportunity for dialogue and cooperation on issues pertaining to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities. Various groups are invited to highlight issues within a thematic framework and contribute to the work of the independent expert on minority issues.

The thematic focus of the upcoming session is “Minorities and Effective Political Participation.” In light of a history of repression and exacerbated recently in the aftermath of the election in Iran, representatives from four different groups will identify how their experiences and challenges apply to the general theme. 

UNPO will produce a full report which will be made available next week on the achievements of the Forum and comment on the Forum’s recommendations. 

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