May 08, 2024

UNPO's participation in DC: Commemorating Emancipation Day and advocating for full political participation, while meeting Global Leaders

On Sunday 14 April, UNPO attended celebrations held in the framework of the 162nd DC Emancipation Day to commemorate the struggle of those who fought to make the 1862 DC Compensated Emancipation Act possible, which ended slavery and freed over 30,000 individuals. Secretary General Merce Cano represented UNPO at this significant event honoring the right to democracy and full political participation, which are values shared by UNPO and our member District of Columbia (Washington D.C.).

Through its representatives, the DC Statehood Congressional Delegation, and the New Columbia Statehood Commission, the District of Columbia actively advocates for its rightful place as the 51st state, ensuring full citizenship and equal political rights for its over 658,000 disenfranchised citizens.

"The DC Emancipation Day serves as a great reminder of the ongoing struggle for rights and freedom," stated Merce Cano, Secretary General of UNPO. "We stand in solidarity with the District of Columbia in their pursuit of statehood and the fulfillment of their democratic aspirations."

In addition to attending the DC Emancipation Day celebrations, UNPO Secretary General Merce Cano engaged also with global leaders, including the Bill and Hillary Clinton.

As “the most vocal voice for unrepresentative groups”, she participated as well in an interview with Ms. Maria Maaloof (MariamaaloofTV on YouTube), where she  shared insights into UNPO's mission and the importance of amplifying the voices of marginalized communities worldwide.

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