Nov 12, 2018



Become an intern at UNPO!

 The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) is an international membership organization working in the field of human rights, self-determination, indigenous issues, democracy and non-violence. UNPO represents 44 nations, minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide and was established in 1991 at the Peace Palace in The Hague. UNPO’s worldwide activities are coordinated and implemented from the organisation’s advocacy offices in Brussels and Washington, DC.

Students and young professionals from all over the world, with degrees in international relations, political science, international law, development or political/social geography, among other fields, and a range of work experience have undertaken internships at the UNPO. Interns and volunteers are offered a unique experience, with a wide range of responsibilities in a multicultural environment that uses English as the main working language. Each intern is given the opportunity to develop and implement their academic, organisational, political, administrative, language and research skills.

Interns are expected to have a mature and flexible attitude, display good time management skills, be able to undertake work independently and conduct accurate research. The intern should enjoy working in an internationally oriented office where a multitude of tasks will be assigned. The internship requires a high degree of responsibility and autonomy from the intern, but in turn promises an equally rewarding experience.


If you are interested in undertaking an internship at UNPO please send an application that includes the following:

Cover Letter (1 page only) addressed to the UNPO Secretariat

Curriculum Vitae (2 pages only)

Writing Sample (essay/extract of maximum 1,000 words in English, preferably relevant to the work of UNPO)

Please mark subject line: “Internship Application – Communications: YOUR NAME” and indicate clearly in your letter the exact time period you would be available for an internship placement.

Send your complete application to brusselsinternships@unpo.org.

Applications not meeting the criteria above risk being disqualified from the outset.


For general inquiries on internships in Brussels, email brusselsinternships@unpo.org.