Jan 19, 2023

UNPO Youth is an international youth movement advocating for youth causes from unrepresented nations and people.  The goal of the UNPO Youth Network is to celebrate cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity and help strengthen young people’s sense of identity.


The UNPO has a long history of engagement with youth activists. Tailored training programs have been a regular feature of the UNPO’s work, enabling young activists from member communities to more effectively present their voices on the global stage. In 2020, a new initiative was launched dedicating a specific space within the UNPO’s action plan to youth-related efforts. This led to the annual organization of study sessions for young minority activists, conducted in collaboration with the youth department of the Council of Europe.

In 2022, the UNPO youth movement embarked on an exciting new chapter. Its inception took shape during the 2022 youth study session, a collaborative effort between UNPO, EFAY (European Free Alliance Youth), and the Council of Europe. This session, titled "Agents of Change: Empowering European Minority Youth to Promote Peaceful and Inclusive Societies for Sustainable Development," not only yielded remarkable success but also prompted actionable outcomes driven by enthusiastic youth participants, who were eager to establish an official platform for UNPO Youth. 

Recognizing the importance of such a platform, the UNPO Presidency warmly welcomed the youth members and their initiative, and with the support of the Secretariat team in developing a long-term sustainable action plan, the UNPO Youth Network was officially established 

UNPO Youth Network

Today, the UNPO Youth Network is composed of a growing group of young minority and indigenous activists who are connected by the same ambitions to advocate for and raise awareness for unrepresented people and nations. The Network’s core interests are building and promoting solidarity among youth from different UNPO member communities, exchanging and celebrating their culture, and strategising on initiatives working towards a better future.

The Network currently meets together online on a fortnightly basis, and is managed by a core team of young activists who oversee the general organization of the Network.

Central to their work is raising awareness through advocacy efforts about challenges faced by marginalized communities and the promotion of more peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. By amplifying these issues, the UNPO Youth movement seeks to foster empathy, understanding, and collaborative action between minority and indigenous youth groups, with the aspiration of dismantling the barriers of inequality and exclusion that stand in their way.

In addition to carrying out advocacy work, the Youth Network members also utilize the platform to exchange knowledge on topics such as self-determination, language rights, cultural promotion, and youth empowerment.  By organizing platforms for intercultural dialogue and fostering unity in diversity, UNPO Youth hope to pave the way for lasting transformation that resonates across generations.