Assembly & Presidency

Jul 04, 2017

General Assembly

The General Assembly, composed of delegations of all of its Members, is the highest organ of the UNPO. The General Assembly holds its regular session every eighteen months to two years. In June 2017, UNPO held its 13th General Assembly in Edinburgh, Scotland.

UNPO Members use the General Assembly to share their experiences, successes and issues. It is also a venue for considering specific topics of concern and for the adoption of Member-specific resolutions. The General Assembly also discusses the achievements and shortcomings in the organisation's performance since the previous Assembly and lays down strategies that will guide the Secretariat in performing its functions until the following General Assembly.

In addition, the General Assembly elects the Presidency Members and the organisation's President and Vice-President. It also elects the General Secretary and the Treasurer for a mandate of three years.

Click here to read the highlights of our last General Assembly. You can also check the latest General Secretary Report submitted on that occasion.



UNPO's Presidency is composed of eight Members, in addition to a President and two Vice-Presidents. The Presidency has the duty to supervise the implementation of the overall policy of the organisation during its term, as mandated by the Assembly. The Presidency represents the General Assembly and closely collaborates with the General Secretary in carrying out the overall activity of the organisation.

The current President of UNPO is Mr Nasser Boladai (West Balochistan).
The Vice-Presidents are Mr Abdirahman Mahdi (Ogaden) and Mr Dolkun Isa (World Uyghur Congress).

The other members of the Presidency are the representatives of the following members:

Afrikaner, Brittany, District of Columbia, Iranian Kurdistan, Khmer Krom, Oromo, Taiwan, Tibet.