Jan 05, 2015


...Music Without Frontiers! 

For every 25€ you donate to UNPO, you will receive a Music Without Frontiers CD celebrating the remarkable and diverse music of indigenous peoples and minorities from Palestine, Tibet, Western Sahara, Corsica, Zanzibar and elsewhere. 

Special Tote Bags!


UNPO prepared special tote bags for the colourful and vibrant “Fiesta Latina” summer festival held in Brussel in August 2014. For this occation, UNPO also implemented a new campaign entitled “BXL <3 INDIGENOUS”, which was inspired by our Mapuche Member, an indigenous group from Chile and Argentina (numbering approximately 1.5 million and 200,000 respectively). For a donation of 7€ you will receive the special bag!

Our vital work relies on generous donations from individuals like you, and there is so much more work that needs to be done. Make a donation today to support the work of UNPO for the new year and help us continue to represent some of the most marginalized and forgotten peoples around the world. 

We sincerely thank you for your contributions! 


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For more information, you can contact: unpo.brussels@unpo.org