Aug 23, 2006

The UNPO Secretariat has representational offices before the United Nations, European Union and the United States of America. 

Please note that because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic our staff are working remotely, with very limited in-office time. You can reach us during this time in the following ways:

Mailing Address

Brussels Office:

Rue de Trèves 49/51
Box 18,
Brussels, B-1040

Swiss Office:

UNPO c/o Ecumenical Centre - Centre Oecumenique
150, Route de Ferney - Case / P.O. Box 2100
CH 1211 Geneva 2 - Switzerland


EU: +32 +32 (0) 251 31459


[email protected]
Fingerprint: b64d4df09a2531f7d57df166c0ab3dfa5e2b91d2
PGP public key

This email is provided by Protonmail, meaning you can automatically take advantage of PGP encryption if you send a message from another Protonmail account.  

Confidential Email:

If you need to reach us confidentially and cannot do so via PGP encrypted email to the email address above, you can start a conversation with us via our confidential mailbox. ou will need to provide a piece of contact information if you would like us to respond to you.