Mar 27, 2003

Chechen Republic of Ichkeria: US Congress on the...

Hon. Christopher H. Smith reports on the Chechen referendrum to the US Congress

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Mar 20, 2003

Acheh: Joint motion for a resolution on Aceh

MEPs adopted a joint resolution expressing their deep concern at the extension of martial law and military operations in Aceh and the ongoing violence

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Feb 20, 2003

Gagauzia Does Not Pretend to Be The Third Subject...

Gagauzia does not pretend to be the third subject of the future federation

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Feb 13, 2003

Nagaland and Sovereignty

According to Sanjay K. Pandey Assistant Professor to the School of International Studies, "Special status" is one of the strategies adopted by federal systems to satisfy the demand of national groups for...

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Jan 03, 2003

Chittagong Hill Tracts: Squandering the Peace...

There was a consensus that peace and security at home are essential prerequisites for poverty reduction

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