Nov 09, 2022

UNPO Organizes Second Indigenous Minority Youth Training With Council of Europe, Youth of European Nationalities and EFA Youth

With the support of the Council of Europe, and in partnership with the European Free Alliance Youth (EFAy) and the Youth of European Nationalities, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organizarion (UNPO) brought together youth activists from across Europe for a second study session of political participation and international advocacy.

The training modules that were delivered by experts from the world of self-determination and international law included conflict resolution, advocacy, self-determination and inclusion, and understanding non-violent political participation.

Alongside the training UNPO took the opportunity to release their report on reprisals by third countries on EU soil against refugee activists. The participants of the training were present to share their experience with EU policy makers and learn how EU home affairs policy can help them in their cause by providing a safer environment for activists on the continent.

The organizers also launched Model UNPO, a simulation of how UNPO’s members engage in a General Assembly discussing international affairs, bridge long-standing geopolitical divides and better ways to achieve self-determination.

UNPO is proud of its collaboration with youth activists of minorities within Europe and its role in bringing them together with refugees from other minorities around the world. We thank our partners at the European Free Alliance and the Council of Europe as well as the University of Oxford, Dr. Liam Saddington from the Univestity of Cambridge and Mr. Tendor Dorjee Senior Researcher and Strategist, Tibet Action Institute.