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Status: Underrepresented territory

Population: 1,166,000  

Savosian is the demonym for people living in the states of Savoy: the County of Savoy (1027-1416), the Duchy of Savoy (1416-1713), the States of Savoy or Kingdom of Sardinia (1713-1860). Savoyard is the demonym for people who live in the department of Savoy, since French annexation in 1860.


Area: 10,416 sq. km


Capital City: Chambéry


Language: Arpitan (or Franco-Provençal), French


Religion: mainly Catholic


Membership discontinued on October 30th 2023

UNPO REPRESENTATION: The Provisional Government of the State of Savoy

Savoy is represented at UNPO by the Provisional Government of the State of Savoy. They were admitted to UNPO as a Member on 29 June 2014.



Covering roughly the Western Alps region, between Lake Geneva in the north and Dauphiné in the west, Savoy is a mountainous territory with altitudes ranging from 200 to over 4,800 meters. A key passage through the Alps, Savoy has always been coveted by its European neighbors.

Savoy was an independent and self-governed territory from the 11th century until 1860, when it was annexed to France. Today, Savosian people are a minority in their own territory and their claims are not taken into account by the Government of the French Republic.

The nickname "Savoyard" was given by the French in the middle of the XIXth century to denigrate Savosians. It became the name given to the inhabitants of the department of Savoy. However until 1960, it was used as an insult, meaning a boorish person.



The Provisional Government of the State of Savoy would like the claims of the Savosian people to be taken into account by the Government of the French Republic and by European Member States. The Provisional Government’s core mission is to raise international awareness of the cause of its people.


Since the annexation of the Duchy of Savoy by France, the Savosians have become a minority on their own territory. Currently, Savoy consists of two French departments, namely Savoie and Haute Savoie. According to a survey conducted in 2000, between 41% and 55% of the population were in favor of the proposal for a separate Savoy Region. 


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