Apr 03, 2009

Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa Event

Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa launch their global campaign with a panel lead by Amnesty International and featuring AFROGROOV.


Below is an article written and published by UNPO

Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa is set to launch their global campaign on Monday, 6 April 2009 with a press conference panel lead by Amnesty International UK members.  The event will also feature a film screening and performances by the remember ken saro-wiwa coalliton and AFROGROOV.  

The event is meant to highlight the importance of the Wiwa v. Shell trial taking place in New York, USA on 27 April 2009 and the environmental issues still facing the Ogoni today.  

Entry is free, but booking in advance is recommended.  

For more information and to book your tickets, visit the Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa official website.

For more information on the upcoming trial, please visit the EarthRights International and Center for Constitutional Rights Wiwa v. Shell webpages.