Mar 03, 2009

Kosova: FM Minister Visits London

Active ImageForeign Affairs Minister Hyseni travels to London to give a lecture.



Below is an article published by: New Kosova Report

Invited by the Royal Institute for International Issues Chatham House in London to give a lecture, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Skënder Hyseni has traveled to London on Monday [02 March 2009].
On Tuesday [03 March 2009], the Kosova chief diplomat will hold a lecture with the thesis "Kosovo's Independence - One Year On". One year after its declaration of independence, Foreign Minister Hyseni will reflect on its achievements and set out the key challenges that lie ahead for Kosova.

He will also be speaking about the relations of Kosova with its neighbors, the regional co operations and the euro Atlantic perspective of Kosova.

Hyseni, during the one day visit in London, will conduct meetings with ambassadors of several countries which have not yet announced the recognition of Kosova independence.