Sep 02, 2008

Shan State: Villagers Forced Into Local Militia

Sample ImageThe Burmese army has been forcibly conscripting local villagers, agency says.

Below is an article published by the Shan Herald Agency for News :

The Burma Army has been forcing villagers in Shan State to join pro-junta local militia forces, according to reliable sources.

Chairman of Shan State (North) Peace and Development Council and Commander of North-East Region Command Maj-Gen Aung Than Htut, on 24-25 August [2008], called on the officials from local militias from Mong Yaw, Wan Pang, Mong Ha and Kachin Defense Army and ordered to recruit people for providing necessary security.

On 27 August [2008], officers from Military Operations Command # 16 in Hsenwi, called on the villagers from every village tract to be ready to attend militia training, said a villager who wishes to be anonymous.

“On 29 August [2008], some people were still sending the name lists to the officials, while some people were asking for exemption,” he said. “Each from every household, village and village tract must go for the services.”

People who refused to comply with will be taken to the local command post to explain themselves.

Coincidently, the Shan State Army-South (SSA-S) led by Col Yawd Serk was also on a recruiting campaign in Southern Shan State during early August [2008], according to border sources.