Sep 01, 2009

East Turkestan: Dutch MP Support Statement

Sample ImageDutch MP deeply concerned about recent violence in East Turkestan, calls on an independent investigation on the July 2009 riots.
Below is a Statement from Harry van Bommel, MP, SP Netherlands:
The Hague, August 31st 2009

The Socialist Party of the Netherlands (SP) is deeply concerned about the violence and unrest in China’s region Xinjiang and urges that international law is fully respected by all parties. We have urged the Dutch Government to support an independent investigation into the events of July 2009 that led to a tragic loss of life. Our Government has

The SP has recently raised questions in Parliament concerning the statement released by Ms Rebiya Kadeer, leader of the World Uygur Congress (WUC), that 10.000 Uygurs went missing during the events in July. The fact that the Dutch Government only relies on information provided by the Chinese authorities deeply worries the SP. Our Government will now urge the Swedish presidency to include the issue of recent events and the treatment of detainees in the human rights dialogue between the EU and China. The SP will closely follow the developments in this dialogue.

The SP has established warm contacts with the Uyghur community in the Netherlands through the Uyghur Support Group and with the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO). It will work together with both organizations to improve the position of Uygurs both in The Netherlands and abroad.

Harry van Bommel