Sep 01, 2009

Assyria: Barzani Receives ADM Delegation

Sample ImageIn the aftermath of Kurdistani Elections, the elected president receives Assyrian delegation for talks on the new Cabinet.

Below is an article published by Admwowaa :

In a series of meetings with the winning slates of the new Kurdistan region parliament, the President of Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Mr. Massoud Barzani, received a delegation from the Assyrian Democratic Movement on the morning of August 27, 2009. The delegation was received in Mr. Barzani’s official residence in Salah Al-Deen and it included Mr. Younan Hozaya, Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Salim Kako and Mrs. Jeehan Ismael, both members of Kurdistan region parliament on behalf of the Rafidain slate.

The meeting discussed the formation of the new cabinet (6th cabin) where our delegation reviewed its strong role in previous cabinet positions, and how its participation came from ADM’s keenness to protect Assyrian people’s rights and constant striving to rightfully represent them. The delegation also emphasized the importance of strengthening the bonds of partnership with the Kurdish comrades and other components of the region in a manner to promote the practice of democracy and support of constitutional institutions in the region.

The ADM delegation also presented the suffering of Assyrian people due to the dilemmas arising from land encroachments, calling on authorities to seek solutions for these problems.