Aug 26, 2009

Somaliland: AU Special Envoy Arrives, Ethiopian Minister Departs

Active ImageThe AU Special Envoy arrives in Somaliland following the departure of Mr. Tekede Alemu, the Ethiopian deputy Foreign Minister  


Below is an article published by Somaliland Globe:

The AU’s Special Envoy to Somaliland, Mr. Nicholas Bwakira arrived in Hargeisa today [25 August 2009]. His visit follows the departure of the Ethiopian deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Tekede Alemu from Hargeisa.
Mr. Bwakira is slated to hold separate meeting with the candidates of the three political parties and the parliament.

It is not clear what Mr. Bwakira’s visit will achieve, as Mr. Alemu’s three day visit has not solved the political stalemate in Somaliland.

Two weeks ago [August 2009] Riyale administration refused to host a delegation representing the donor countries that assist Somaliland on democratization process which was due to arrive in Hargeisa to press him to accept the current voter registration list.

The stance of the opposition parties with the support of the parliament is that president Riyale, the candidate for the ruling UDUB party, is deviating from the normal course of democracy in Somaliland by his attempt to suspend the voter registration list. That attempt has been ruled by the parliament as unlawful and in direct conflict with the Somaliland’s Electoral Law.

The two opposition parties, say that Mr. Riyale, as UDUB candidate, must comply with the Electoral Law and not be rewarded for “impeding” the democratic process in Somaliland with further extension of term.