Aug 26, 2009

Ahwaz: Iranian Security Service Arrest 80 Year Old Arab

Active ImageIranian security service arrested 80 year old Ahwazi Arab and  his nephew having previously arrested and murdered his grandson.


Below is an article published by Iranian Minorities Human Right Organisation: 

Saied Jasim Alboshoka, 80 year old Ahwazi Arab, and  his nephew Nasser Alboshoka, 57 years old were both arrested in the city of Ramshir (Khalafia) by the security service in the South West of Iran in Al-Ahwaz.

This is not the first time that the Iranian government has been found to arrest elderly Ahwazi Arabs.

The two victims were released on bail after 15 days. They were arrested in 2005 during the intifada demonstration in Ahwaz. The security service arrested and murdered Saied Jasim Alboshoka’s grandson, Saied Sultan Alboshoka, in 2006.

The security service threatens family members in Europe, demanding their return to Iran.

This is unacceptable treatment of elderly people. The Iranian security service uses the relatives of activists to pressure them to stop their activities.