Aug 25, 2009

Tibet: Japanese Supporters Pray for World Peace and Freedom

Active ImageTibetans, East Turkestan and Inner mongolian supporters made a pilgrimage up Mount Fuji, Japan. The purpose was to pray for world peace and freedom.


Below is an article published by Tibet Custom:

Tibetans living in Japan and their Japanese supporters made a pilgrimage up Mount Fuji on Saturday [22 August 2009] to pray for world peace, AFPnews agency reported.

"Today [August 2009] there are a lot of problems in China, not just in Tibet but also in East Turkestan (Xinjiang) and Inner Mongolia," AFPquoted Lhakpa Tshoko, the Japan and East Asia representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as saying.

"The nature of suffering we are enduring is the same, so we are also praying for our brothers and sisters in those regions," he said.

"We chose Mt Fuji because it is a very important mountain, loved by the Japanese people and revered in the Shinto religion," said Lhakpa Tshoko.

At Mt Fuji, about 50 Tibetans, Mongolians and Japanese supporters on Friday [21 August 2009] started the trek up Japan's highest mountain.

Bad weather prevented them from holding a sunrise prayer ceremony Saturday [22 August 2009] on the summit of the 3,776 metre (12,390 feet) high mountain, but they later performed religious rituals on the flank of the volcano.