Jul 23, 2004

Crimean Tatars: Statement at the WGIP

Statement by Nadir Bekir, Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People
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Nadir Bekir, Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People

I would say that the agenda session concerning the various interests of the indigenous peoples. In my mind this is an adhering part, which all people are trying to achieve. This is a kind of element that opens a door to the garments that this kind of implementation of self-determination.

I think that due to the efforts we have exclusively and interesting basis of legalization of provisions in some kind of new agreement of universal character. I suppose that this is a strange situation. For many I know that those who are not Indigenous Peoples have very strictly defined political rights by the government. Who may be the representative of free prior and informed consent (FPIC) on the behalf of some people or nation? We would like monarchy, but after it was destroyed, we had no kind of government. In the 1990s we had a republican body of representation. By this way we elect our congress and elect and reelect and our representative body. Now I am speaking of this like the people or indigenous nation could organize or establish the legal body for FPIC. Unfortunately, no one can FPIC of our people, but you consult it with our people. They have total power of those that live in Ukraine. The question of FPIC is not known even this is not known for our government. To make sure tomorrow after tomorrow, no one could be found to explain what it is. I mean that this is exclusively interesting that was made was so much important to make a campaign for the indigenous peoples.