Aug 11, 2009

Balochistan: Ethnic Languages To Be Declared National Ones

Sample ImagePunjabi Conference demands the halt of military operations in Balochistan and asks for the respect of minorities’ rights in Pakistan all Provinces.

Below is an article published by the Daily Times :

The first Punjabi National Conference (PNC) has demanded to halt the ongoing military operation in Balochistan and to declare all ethnic languages across the country national languages through a constitutional amendment.

The PNC demanded that the laws, which fanned conflict, should be reviewed in national interest.


The PNC fully supported demands of provincial autonomy by other provinces. The conference strongly condemned the atrocities being committed against the Baloch. The PNC endorsed the Baloch people’s rights over the natural resources of Balochistan. The military operation in Balochistan should be stopped and the missing political leaders and workers be recovered forthwith, it said. (...) The federal government should set up universities of all ethnic languages on the pattern of the Federal Urdu University, the conference said.

The PNC demanded that power distribution should be made a provincial subject and each province should pay its revenue according to its capacity. The PNC demanded an increase in the federal government’s grants for the Punjabi Adabi Board, the Balochi Academy and the Pushto Academy. Government advertisements should be distributed to the print and electronic media in their mother languages on priority basis, it said.

The PNC condemned atrocities against minorities and said the life and property of the minorities should be protected according to the constitution. (...)