Aug 07, 2009

Ogoni: NGO Plans To Engage Youths in Movie Industry

Sample ImageEvangelical organization works for youth integration in Ogoniland as a form of fostering peace.

Below is an article published by Leadership Nigeria:

A Port Harcourt-based NGO, the Ogoni Christian Project, plans to engage 5,000 Ogoni youths in the movie industry.

The coordinator of the project, Mr Fegalo Nsuke, said in Port Harcourt that the group had gone into agreement with Vivibed, a Port Harcourt-based entertainment agency, to implement the plan.

"We have gone into an agreement with Vivibed Entertainments to develop the Ogoni movie industry,'' Nsuke told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

"The aim is to engage 5,000 Ogoni youths in the industry. The youth will learn acting, script writing, directing, make-up and all positions in the industry,'' he said.

The coordinator also said the group would train other Ogoni youths in creative businesses such as web site design to make them independent and self-employed.

"We want out youths to be self-reliant in some endeavours. This way, they will think less of violence or other social vices that can easily take up their time,'' he said.
Nsuke also said the organisation had declared 120 days of prayer for peace, starting from June 1 and ending on Sept. 28, to attract the youth to evangelism.

"When the youth come for training, we do counselling and evangelism to change their mindset and this has worked for us.

"Since we started the prayer session, there has not been any reported case of crisis in Ogoniland,'' the coordinator said.
Nsuke said his organisation had put its prayers on-line so that other churches and organisations in the world would join in the prayer for peace in Ogoniland and the Niger Delta. (NAN)