Jul 24, 2009

Ogoni: Bill of Right as a Solution to Niger Delta conflict

Sample ImageAnti-Corruption Movement argues that no military means could ever solve Niger Delta ongoing crisis and urges the adoption of former political agreements.

Below is an article publish by the Vanguard

The Movement Against Corruption in Nigeria has urged the Federal Government to adopt the principle of Ogoni Bill of Right and the Kaiama Declaration to resolve the Niger Delta question.

Chairman of the Anti Corruption Movement, Imam Abdur Rahman Ahmad, said at an interactive session with newsmen in Kano that military option was antithetical to peaceful resolution of conflict anywhere in the world.

According to him, “all that is required to solve the Niger Delta crisis is a genuine and meaningful dialogue with the real people of the region who are directly affected by visiting the Ogoni Bill of Right and the Kaiama Declaration as lasting solution to the current war in the region.

“Niger Delta crisis does not require military solution, and relying on violence to achieve political goal does not solve problems. History has proven that despite the presence of thousands of UN peacekeepers in Kosovo, the region has remained unstable,” he said.

The Movement however criticised the Yar’Adua led administration for its failure to make public, the list of sponsors of violence in the creek of Niger Delta that was discovered recently by the Joint Task Force.
Imam Abdur Rahman Ahmad noted that the proclamation of amnesty at a time the general public is yarning for the revelation of the so called sponsors   was not only diversionary but a total disservice to the nation.