Jul 21, 2009

Tuva: New National Park Created

Active ImageThe Pii-Khem Kozhuun of Tuva is home to a new nature reserve, named “Taiga”. The park will protect the natural environment and landscapes of the Uyuk Ridge in the Western Sayans.


Below is an article published by Tuva Online:

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia approved a formation of a Nature Park in the Pii-Khem kozhuun of Tuva. Now the government of the republic should confirm the formation of the park by a corresponding decree.

Natural Park “Taiga”, with the area of 23297.9 hectares is created for the purpose of protection of the natural environment and landscapes of the Uyuk Ridge in the Western sayans. The length of the ridge is about 120 km, maximum height is 2311m (mountain Bura). The north slope is covered with larch forests, which gradually give way to cedar-larch taiga, and the south slope is covered with steppe growth.

Here, in the valley of the river Uyuk with its ancient huge kurgan complexes, is located the unique archeological monument of South Siberia – the famous “Valley of Kings”, with the greatest concentration of kurgans of the Scythian times.

Besides that, the territory of the natural park “Taiga” is also the location of the recreation area of the Kyzyl population, a ski resort of the same name. Correspondingly, one of the tasks of the park is to create conditions which would be suitable for the mass recreation of the population, as well as preserving the natural resources.

The recreational zone of the park takes up 12803.2 hectares (55% of the total area), the WWF of Russia announced. This territory will have tourist and ecologic paths, bivouac areas and scenic lookout areas.

WWF of Russia continues work to establish another three nature parks in Tuva: “Ush-Beldir” (Tere-Khol kozhuun), known for its unique medicinal springs, “Shui”(Bai-Taiga kozhuun) – place of pilgrimage for alpinists, and the territory of the future park “Shanchy”(Chaa-Khol kozhuun) which was visited by Vladimir Putin in the summer of 2007, who suggested to make this area a protected territory.