Jul 14, 2009

Somaliland: Parties Sign Electoral Code of Conduct

Active ImageThe three political parties contesting Somaliland’s upcoming elections all signed the electoral code of conduct, a demonstration of the commitment to free and fair elections.
Below is an article published by the Somaliland Press:

The three Somaliland parties signed the new electoral code of conduct prepared by the Electoral Commission. The process which took longer than expected and in which the opposition accused the government of delaying the process has finally been signed today [11 July 2009].

In an event at Maansoor hotel, representatives from the three political parties signed the agreement which was the main challenge to the expected presidential elections in the country. The signing of this document will pave the way for the elections in September this year.

The second step will be the electoral committee to announce the final list of the registered voters for the elections within the coming two weeks. Although the process is not easy but it is believed that would be the last constrain to the long awaited elections.

Somaliland managed to conduct at least four elections in the past eight years without the support of the International Community.