Jul 10, 2009

Taiwan: Prime Minister Condemns Violence in Xinjiang

Sample ImageIn an act of solidarity with China’s Uyghurs, the Taiwanese government calls on Beijing to resolve its minorities issues with calm and tolerance.


Below is an article published by The Statesman :

Taiwan's Premier Mr Liu Chao-shiuan today [July 9, 2009] strongly denounced the use of violence in China's Xinjiang region and urged Beijing to handle the simmering unrest in a tolerant manner.

Mr Liu was the highest ranking Taiwan government official to comment on weekend rioting involving Han Chinese and ethnic Muslim Uyghurs, in which at least 156 died and more than 1,000 were injured.

“The government of the Republic of China strongly condemned the bloody violence in Urumqi,” Mr Liu said during a Cabinet meeting, according to government spokesman Mr Su Jun-pin. While calling for calm among the Han and the Uyghurs, “we urged the mainland authorities to solve the related issues in a tolerant way,” the premier said. He also called on Beijing to respect freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.