Jul 10, 2009

Abkhazia: Accuses Georgia of Drone Flights

Sample ImageLess then a year after the Russo-Georgian war, the government of Abkhazia has reported spy flights over its recently declared independent territory.


Below is an article published by BBC News:

The Abkhaz authorities say two drones entered their air space on Wednesday [July 8, 2009].
The Georgian government denied the claims and said the planes must have been Russian.
Overflights and the shooting down of drones played a significant role in raising tensions before war broke out in Georgia last year. [2008]

With the anniversary of the war only weeks away, Abkhazia says the spy plane flights are a sign that Georgia is preparing for another conflict.

But Georgia says the Abkhaz authorities must have confused the drones with Russian aircraft, and denies it is preparing to fight another war.

Abkhazia has declared independence, with Russian backing, but Georgia insists it remains part of its territory.