Jul 22, 2004

Crimean Tatars: Statement at the WGIP

Statement by Nadir Bekir, Mejilis of Crimean Tatar People
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I would like to speak on the Indigenous Decade. I think it is a universal question that covers all the question. Some government and some agencies are proposing something else besides a decade that are educational programs. We each are very close in the recognition of the rights of Indigenous peoples but only the first step. States accepted but didn’t take much action. Ukraine, It did nothing although Ukraine is a state founder of the UN. I suppose it should be sensitive to the UN. Vice versa, circa 1996 including its new constitution of the state all political and legal experts was directed their necessity. During ten years, Ukraine did nothing for the constitutional provision and even tried to abolish and destroy this provision. They tried to look at as a misunderstanding. It is very typical that no Ukraine representative is here. They say they have no idea who are indigenous peoples. They do not take part in our discussions and they don’t have experience and they don’t want to have experience in indigenous issues. There are new crimes and abuses for Indigenous peoples of Ukraine. We see the end of the International Decade, we are at a worse place than at the beginning. Rights of people deported. This law was cynically reclaimed 18 May on the anniversary of Crimean Tatar people. They approved a law on 24 June. President Ukraine failed to sign the law. This means that this law does not exist. On the basis of some different human rights violations that took part in the past, Ukraine government don’t want to restore our rights. We see that legal and political progress is in question. I propose to my brother and sisters to collect all of our efforts and to establish the second decade of Indigenous peoples.