Jun 19, 2009

Taiwan: Swine Flu Vaccine Set For Mass Production

Active ImageIn the face of the swine flu outbreak, Taiwan’s vaccine manufacturer announces it will launch a vaccine in October, with a capability of producing around 30 million doses annually.



Below is an article published by the APF:

Taiwan is set to mass produce swine flu vaccine later this year [2009], a bio-tech company said Thursday [18 June 2009], as the island's confirmed cases rose to 58.

Adimmune Corporation, Taiwan's only human vaccine manufacturer, said it was expected to complete clinical trial for its A(H1N1) influenza vaccine around September [2009].

The vaccine will hit the market in October [2009] with an annual production of up to 30 million shots at its new plant in central Taichung county, it said in a statement.

Currently 11 countries are capable of producing the vaccine, according to the company.

Taiwan has raised its swine flu alert level as its confirmed cases rose to 58 as of Wednesday [17 June 2009], including two domestic cases, health authorities said.

Last week, the World Health Organization raised its global alert to a maximum six, saying swine flu had reached pandemic status because of its geographical spread, and warned countries that already have large number of cases to prepare for a fresh wave of infections.

Swine flu has so far infected 39,620 people in more than 70 countries and claimed 167 lives since it was first detected in Mexico in April [2009], according to WHO data.