Jun 17, 2009

Shan: International Conference Held in Bangkok

Active ImageThousands of Shan migrants in Bangkok and its satellite towns are expected to take part in the international conference dedicated to Shan Studies and the associated festivities.


Below is a statement issued  by Shan Herald:

At least two Shans will be among the 40 academics who will be presenting their research papers at the International Conference on Shan Studies (ICSS), to be held at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University, 15-18 October [2009], according to one of its organizers in northern Thailand, Montip Sirithaikhongchuen.

The two are:
•    Sao Noan Oo aka Nel Adams, a daughter of the late Prince of Lawksawk, one of 34 principalities of the Federated Shan States, before it joined Burma (Proper) and became Shan State in 1948
•    Nang Khurhsen Hsenwi, former student activist, former political prisoner and former spokeswoman for the Shan armed resistance movement, Shan State Army

Sao Noan Oo, a retired lecturer from Hartford Mid-Cheshire College in UK, is better known for her My Vanished World: The true story of a Shan princess memoirs. Nang Khurhsen is widely recognized in Shan State as the author of The History of Shans and Shan State (written in Shan).

Sao Noan Oo will present a paper on the princely administrative system in Shan State, while Nang Khurhsen is preparing a paper on Shan-Thai relations during the reign of King Naresuan of Ayuddhya (1555-1605).

Among other papers to be read on 15-17 October [2009] include:
•    King Thohanbwa of Ava (1502-1527) by Ms Sinead Ward, Ph.D student
•    Tao Te Ching: Ancient Shan philosophy by Oliver Raendchen
•    Contemporary Shan pop music by Dr Amporn Jirattikorn

The fine arts performances will be on 17-18 October [2009]. Thousands of Shan migrants in Bangkok and its satellite towns are expected to take part in the festivities, despite the economic slowdown.