Jun 16, 2009

Tibet: China Bans Speech

Active ImageThe Chinese Government banned the Mandarin written version of the speech that the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered in April 2009.
Below is an article published by Tibetan Review:

The Chinese government had banned the original Mandarin text of the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's speech delivered to Beijing University students in Apr’09 last year, saying it mentioned sensitive topics, such as Tibet and human rights, reported Sunday Herald Sun online (Australia) Jun 14 [2009]. "All websites containing material about his speech are blocked," the reported quoted an unnamed Chin-based academic as saying.

English translations can be viewed, but versions published in traditional Chinese characters or the westernised "pinyin" script are banned, the report said.

In his speech Mr Rudd, a fluent Mandarin speaker, had, while referring to human rights and Tibet, spoken in a positive tone, urging China to become "responsible stakeholders" in world affairs. On Tibet, he had said, "But we also believe it is necessary to recognise there are significant human rights problems in Tibet. The current situation in Tibet is of concern to Australians."

Reacting to the Chinese ban, a spokesman for Mr Rudd has said: "The Prime Minister stands by the comments he made in Beijing and the importance of all countries restricting human rights abuses."