Jun 10, 2009

Congratulatory Letter Regarding the Settlement of the Saro-Wiwa Trial

UNPO supports the outcome of the victorious settlement of the Ogoni/Shell trial

The Hague, 10 June 2009

On behalf of the members of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), I would like to congratulate the families of the nine human rights activists whose fight for their rights and those of the Ogoni people in the Niger Delta has led to victory in the case against Royal Dutch Shell this week.

UNPO is proud to have been associated with Mr. Saro Wiwa, who was Vice Chairman of the UNPO Presidency from 1993 until his tragic death in 1995.  His activism for sustainable use of natural resources and protection of the environment of his community was not only courageous but an inspiration for UNPO members across the world.  

Since his death, Mr. Saro Wiwa’s legacy continues to inspire us all as we continue to campaign to protect the human and cultural rights of unrepresented nations and peoples in Africa and beyond.

The outcome of this trial therefore brings hope for a better future not only for the Ogoni people but for all communities struggling with the consequences of unsustainable use of land resources.

We congratulate the Ogoni people and hope that this represents a step towards achieving lasting justice for all in the Niger Delta.

Marino Busdachin
General Secretary