May 29, 2009

Conference: Independence of Abkhazia and Prospects for the Caucasus

Active ImageThis weekend [30-31 May 2009] the General Secretary of UNPO will address a conference discussing Abkhazia’s current situation, its future and the prospects for the Caucasus, co organised by the Friends of Abkhazia Civil Initiative and Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi (University).

The Friends of Abkhazia Civil Initiative, alongside Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi (University) are holding a conference entitled ‘Independence of Abkhazia and Prospects for the Caucasus’ taking place this weekend [30-31 May 2009] in Istanbul.

The conference will discuss the ‘long debated and controversial issue in international politics: Abkazia’s current and future situation’ alongside the prospects for the Caucasus.

Academics, journalists and NGO representatives from Abkhazia, Canada, Europe, USA and Turkey will all be in attendance.

Amongst the speakers will be the General Secretary of the UNPO, Mr. Marino Busdachin, who will be discussing the position of Abkhazia in the international context.

Other participants include Maksim Gunjia, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based in Sukhum, George Hewitt from School of Oriental and African Studies, and Charlotte Hille from the University of Amsterdam.