May 28, 2009

Kosova: OIC Resolution Adopted

Active ImageThe Foreign Ministers of the OIC unanimously adopted a Resolution praising Kosova's 'progress made towards strengthening democracy’.



Below is an article published by the SETimes :

The foreign ministers of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) voiced their support for an independent Kosovo at their 36th Ministerial Summit on Monday (May 25th) in Damascus, Syria.

They praised "progress made towards strengthening democracy", in a resolution adopted at the summit. The Albanian Foreign Ministry drafted the document, and Saudi Arabia put it on the table.

Albanian Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha described the OIC resolution as a great success for Kosovo, and for Albanian diplomacy.

According to Basha, the resolution was unanimously adopted by all 57 members.

"This is a very important resolution for Kosovo and I am sure that very soon Kosovo will be accepted by many OIC member states," said Basha.

The resolution states that, since unilaterally declaring independence in February 2008, the country has made progress in building democratic institutions, modernising its constitution and contributing to regional stability.

It calls on OIC members and the international community to support the former Serbian province and its economy. Although the resolution does not recognise Kosovo's independence, it leaves the option open for members.

Furthermore, it notes the accelerated UNMIK reconfiguration, the deployment of EULEX throughout Kosovo -- in compliance with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's guidelines -- and Kosovo's institutional and legal framework.

According to the resolution, Ban will submit a report at the next OIC summit.

Serbia lobbied against the resolution, to no avail. But with the support of Syria, Egypt and other Russian-influenced countries, the OIC stopped short of recognising Kosovo's independence.

Undaunted, Kosovo Foreign Minister Skender Hyseni welcomed the resolution, and emphasised its importance.

On Tuesday, President Fatmir Sejdiu called the resolution a step in the right direction. "We expect new recognitions and we also express the readiness of Kosovo's institutions to co-operate with all of these countries," he said.