May 19, 2009

Somaliland: Celebrating Independence Day

Active ImageEvents around the world marked the 18th anniversary of Somaliland’s independence, with events from Minnesota to Sweden.
Below is an article published by Somaliland Press :

Somaliland celebrated its 18th independence anniversary around the world on Saturday [16 May 2009]- marking the event with traditional music, dances and well-wishers.
On Saturday, Somaliland’s diaspora communities in Sweden, Canada, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom and around the globe marked the 1991 inauguration of the Republic of Somaliland after bloody war with neighbouring Somalia.

[The] Minneapolis event [was] organized by Somaliland Student Association. Speakers at the meeting, which was attended by large crowd of local Somalis, included Somaliland Students Association president, Mr Fuad Mohamoud, Chairman of Somaliland Youth Association of Chicago, Mr Abdi’aziz Awil Warsame, Minnesota Somaliland Community chairman, Mr Hassan Yonis and Pro. Ibrahim Aye, Mr Mohamed Abdiqadir Abdirahman (Batale) and Dr Yasin Ismael Karani.
In Stockholm large crowd from Somaliland communities across Scandinavia celebrated the special day - members from the Swedish parliament, city councils and other high dignitaries joined the Somalilanders mark the event.