Jul 30, 2002

UNPO and Estonia

Estonia was one of the UNPO founding members in the time when it was still fighting for the restoration of its independence. Estonian pro-independence forces, with the Congress of Estonia at the core, understood that the UNPO may serve as the international arena to make the world aware of the problems and aims of Estonian people. They realized as well the importance of the co-operation of the unrepresented nations and peoples all over the world.

After the failure of the so-called August putsch in Moscow in 1991, the opportunity opened for Estonia to declare herself an independent state. The re-independence of the Republic of Estonia was soon recognized by the USSR and other countries. Less than a month later, Estonia was a UN member. But Estonia continued the work with UNPO as supporting member and during the full 10 year period of her independence, has offered the real support to the UNPO.

The re-independence of Estonia was implemented in the peaceful way without any riots or bloodshed. It was thanks to the movement of the committees of citizens that rallied all national and pro-independence forces under the one recognized representative body with broadest mandate - the Congress of Estonia - that was elected, first, by all legal citizens of the Estonia over the world, and, second, outside the structures of Soviet occupational regime and independently from these. Thus Estonia showed the way of peaceful political struggle following and fulfilling all democratic rules of procedures to other peoples and the case of Estonia may serve as the example for many UNPO members as well.

Now in Estonia the multipartial democratic political system is fully established and works well. The super liberal politics of economics has guaranteed the very quick economic development and the step-by-step rise of the people’s welfare as well. Estonia has passed successive steps in the process of negotiations to join the EU and NATO and these aims seem to be fulfilled in the near future.

The main problem now is still the relationship with Russia. Unless a number of positive developments occur, it is still considered as the main possible source of political instability in the region. To guarantee the competent administration on each level of government and the social welfare to poor people, this circle of problems for Estonia needs a lot concern and must be embraced.