Apr 21, 2009

Sindh: Deforestation on the Rise

Active ImageForestry Department claims forests are disappearing very rapidly due to social, official and natural constraints.
Below is an article published by: The Nation

The forest resources especially that of Sindh are depleting due to the natural, social and official constraints, the reports by forestry department Sindh said.

The proposed plan for the management of riverine forests of Sindh revealed that there were many loopholes in the management and conservation of riverine forests.

The last draft management plans were prepared in 2000 that were neither approved nor implemented. It indicates flaw on behalf of the government, which is not working effectively to save these forests and the ecosystem of Sindh.

According to the study report of forest system of Sindh, the riverine forests of Sindh, mostly growing along the river Indus in the flood plains, are spread over an area of 2,41,000 haters but are disappearing very rapidly.

Depletion in the forest area not only threatens the sustainability of agricultural production systems but also endangers the economy of the country. Every year extensive areas of arable agricultural and forestlands are degraded and turned into wastelands over time, due to natural causes or human interventions.

Depletion in forest cover, therefore, has an important impact on socio-economic development and ecological balance.