Apr 20, 2009

Ogoni: OSF Publishes Magazine

The Ogoni Solidarity Forum in South Africa has released its recent publication, highlighting the ongoing struggle of the Ogoni in Rivers State as well as those in the Diaspora.
Below is an article written by UNPO:

The Ogoni Solidarity Forum, a group of Ogoni refugees and émigrés living in Cape Town, South Africa, has released their Winter/Spring magazine.  The magazine covers issues on the Ogoni in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, Ogoni in exile, and other human rights and environmental debates in solidarity with those affected.

To read the full magazine, please see the attached PDF files.

As stated on the official OSF website:

“OSF is an acronym, which means OGONI SOLIDARITY FORUM. OSF is registered as a nonprofit organization with the South African Nonprofits Board. Ogoni Solidarity Forum is an organization that serves as both a platform and confluence points for as many groups, organizations, bodies and persons who are sympathetic or empathetic with the conditions of the Ogoni people. The state of affairs in Nigeria as a whole, especially as it affects the policies on oil exploration and the exploitation of native African people in the Niger Delta.”

Note: Though not officially part of MOSOP, the official Ogoni representation in UNPO, OSF does seek to, “complement MOSOP in the areas of creating international solidarity with other organizations particularly” and does work with them to continue the efforts for the rights of the Ogoni people.

Click here for OSF Magazine Cover.

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