Apr 14, 2009

Ogoni: Criticism at lack of representation in Govt

Active ImageMOSOP Leader and UNPO GA President, Mr. Mitee urged the government to undertake projects that would benefit the Ogoni people.
Below is a statement issued by: Punch
The Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People has protested the absence of its people in key positions in federal agencies.
President of the group, Mr. Ledum Mitee, speaking in Abuja on Wednesday [8 April 2009] during a courtesy visit to the Minister of the Niger Delta, Chief Ufot Ekaette, urged the government to redress the situation and undertake projects that would be of benefit to the people.
According to the MOSOP leader, despite being in the forefront of agitations that led to the establishment of government agencies such as the Niger Delta Development Commission, and the newly created Ministry of Niger Delta, no Ogoni son or daughter had been appointed to key government positions.
Mitee reiterated the intention of the Ogoni people to partner with the ministry in areas that would impact positively on the people, saying that this would be mutually beneficial because the Ogoni people had already made their marks on the sand of life.
The MOSOP president lamented that previous schemes such as skills’ acquisition in Ogoni had been a failure since most youths so trained, had found it difficult to get employment.
He implored the minister to set up a technical committee that would synergise with the contact group to fine-tune programmes and projects.
Responding, Ekaette said the ministry would transform the Niger Delta regions into a goldmine of opportunities, but called for the cooperation of the people, saying nothing could be achieved in an atmosphere of violence.
He said, “We have the men and the materials needed to move the region forward and we only need peace to change the face of the Niger Delta.”
He noted that the Ogoni who were at the forefront of peaceful agitation for the improvement of the oil region, should continue to preach peace and support the process of bringing about their demand for a better Niger Delta.