Apr 14, 2009

Balochistan: BPP Condemns Killing of Political Leaders

Active ImageAccording to Balochistan Peoples Party, three top Baloch leaders were abducted and killed by the Pakistani intelligence service ISI.
Below is an article published by: BPP

The slain bodies of three Baloch leaders namely Mr Ghulam Mohammad Baloch chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM) and his party fellow Mr Lala Muneer Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) were found on the outskirt of Turbat city soon after their abduction by Pakistani intelligence service, ISI, on 3rd of April 2009.

The circumstances under which these political leaders have been killed following their abduction shows the […] violent attitude of Pakistani establishment toward the Baloch People.
Mr Ghulam Mohammad as political leader of BNM was member of the committee which assisted the release of Mr John Solecki (Head of UNHCR in Quetta) from his kidnapers. The same committee was also due to investigate and conclude list of the Baloch men and women who have been kidnapped and are disappeared by Pakistan security forces and the army intelligence agencies in order to facilitate safe release of these Baloch activists and their return to their families.
This crime is an attempt by the perpetrators to stop release of the kidnapped and disappeared Baloch prisoners. At the same time, the aim is to weaken Baloch national struggle and deprive it from an effective political leadership.
In recent years, Pakistani military and intelligence services have followed a systematic policy of targeted killing of the Baloch political leaders. This policy has failed since Baloch struggle for freedom and democracy has popular and genuine base amongst the masses in order to achieve national sovereignty for Baloch people.
Balochistan Peoples Party strongly condemns murder of the well known Baloch political leaders. BPP also expresses its deepest sorrow and sympathy with families of Chairman Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Muneer Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch and the entire Baloch people.

We demand that the international community and United Nations to:
1-     Set up a committee to investigate this crime and to bring the perpetrators to justice.
2-     Put pressure on Pakistani authorities to stop its systematic oppression of Baloch people and its military operations in Balochistan.
3-     Facilitate immediate release of all political prisoners.
4-     Establish a special committee to mediate in the conflict between the Baloch and Pakistani government
5-     Address the demand of the Baloch people for national sovereignty.

Balochistan Peoples Party