Mar 19, 2009

Sindh Report to the UNHRC

Sindhi activists submit report to the UN in Geneva during Pakistan review
Sindhi human rights activist, Munawar Laghari, submitted the "Sindh Monitor": Plight of Sindhis in Pakistan report during the 10th Session of the United Nations Council on Human Rights in Geneva this month [March 2009].  

The report gives a detailed account of the plight of the Sindh population in Pakistan as well as an overview of their rich culture and history in the region. It is meant to serve as an appeal to the UNHRC to address the issue of minority rights in the region.
A line from the introduction to the report reads:
"Although we are striving hard towards the dream of equality, freedom and justice for our people, support from like-minded groups from the international community can give an impetus to our movement that can be a win-win situation for all in this global village."

To download the full report, please follow the link below:

Sindh Human Rights Part One 2009

Sindh Human Rights Part Two 2009