Mar 13, 2009

Tsimshian: Longhouse Blessed

Active ImageFirst longhouse built for First Nations students in Canada.
Below is an article publushed by: CFTK TV

First longhouse built for First Nations students in Canada."I was talking about the Stepping Stones document", she said. "In that it said that there about having a meeting place for First Nations students, having elders in residence, incorporating more of the culture, and this longhouse will do that."

The log beams for the structure are being crafted by the college's new log construction program, which is part of the brand new Northern Centre for Sustainable Housing.

Students from the Frieda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art were on hand, since they're playing an active role in the creation of the longhouse, and many of their works will be displayed here once it's finished -- hopefully in September [2009].