Mar 10, 2009

Oromo: Students Beaten

Active ImageMore than 80 Oromo students arrested and under severe beating in Bahir Dar University.




Below is an article published by: Jimma Times

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Statement

The Woyane regime of Ethiopia once again targeted the Oromo students learning at colleges and universities […] and arrested over 80 Oromo students from Bahir Dar university alone OLF News correspondent reported from Finfinnee (Addis Ababa). The Ethiopian government ordered their gun men, […] beaten many Oromo students and arrested over 80 of them simply because they peacefully requested that some individuals who are obsessed with throwing derogatory remarks over the Oromo Nation should be brought to justice according to the law of the land.

OLF News reporters added that the Woyane government’s Federal police and security forces are still searching to apprehend more Oromo students in Bahir Dar which is the capital city of the Amhara regional state. It has to be noted that almost all of the Oromo students who are now assigned to the Amhara regional state for university education were educated in Afan Oromo and English alone, and hence do not speak Amharic at all, and even those who can barely speak Amharic can easily be identified and are seen as aliens in the Bahir Dar town and in the entire Amhara regional state. Consequently, the students have nowhere to escape and are being […] beaten by the forces of the regime in their dormitories. Our report added that many female students have also been […] beaten and thrown into jail. Those who are wounded are left with out any medical treatment the report added.   

The Oromo students in Bahir Dar University appealed to governmental, non-governmental and humanitarian organizations in general and to the Oromo people in particular to raise their voices on their behalf and rescue their lives.   

Meanwhile one student was killed and many others wounded and thrown into jail in Gedo high school Western Shoa zone of Oromia regional state when high school students protested against a similar derogatory remarks thrown to the Oromo nation.


It is to be recalled that the current TPLF led Ethiopian government is […] known for harassing Oromo students for asking the right of the Oromo nation. Several hundreds of students were killed and tens of thousands jailed […] since 2005 when a popular protest known as “Revolt Against subjugation” or “Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa”, which had rocked the entire Oromia regional state, flared up and continued all over Oromia for about two years.

 It is also to be recalled that the Ethiopian government discriminately dismissed 330 Oromo students in 2004 for peacefully protesting the decision made by the so called Oromia regional state, which is a puppet of the TPLF led government, to move the capital of Oromia from Finfinnee to Adama.