Mar 09, 2009

Somaliland: President Meets With UK Foreign Secretary

Active Image On his official visit to the United Kingdom the Somaliland President has met with Mr. David Milliband, the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary.
Below is an article published by: Qaran News

The Somaliland President, Mr. Dahir Rayale Kahin met with the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary,  Mr. David Milliband  during  President Rayale's  official visit to the United Kingdom.

The meeting which took place at the Foreign Office in London included discussion on areas of mutual interest between Somaliland and the United Kingdom.

The President of Somaliland, Mr. Dahir Rayale Kahin and Mr. Millilband discussed the current situation in the Horn of Africa, the forth-coming elections in Somaliland, as well as, the economic, security and democratic development of Somaliland. The meeting was attended by senior civil servants from the British Foreign and Commonwealth office.  

Whilst in London, President Rayale also gave a speech at the Chatham House. During his address, President Rayale highlighted Somaliland's case for international recognition. President Rayale addressed the gathered dignitaries, which included ambassadors from the EU, Ethiopia, Nigeria, several commonwealth nations, senior  British diplomats, senior academics, members of the British media and members of the general public.

President Rayale remarked on Somaliland’s’ shared history with the United Kingdom during and after independence in 1960. President Rayale stressed that Somaliland's quest for international recognition is based on the wish of its citizens, who in 2003, gave an overwhelmingly assent to the restoration of independence during a national referendum.

President Rayale stated in his speech to Chatham House, that Somaliland has embarked on a democratic course and will continue on this course despite recent  attempts by certain terrorist elements to derail the process.

The Somaliland President, Mr. Dahir Rayale Kahin urged the international community to asses Somaliland's case based on its history, the wish of its citizens and the reality of the situation in the Horn of Africa. President Rayale urged the world community to continue engaging Somaliland in order to preserve and protect its stability, democracy and development.

The Somaliland Foreign Minister, Mr. Abdillahi Mohamed Duale also addressed the gathered dignitaries at Chatham House. Mr. Duale highlighted Somaliland's progress during the last eighteen years which have shown remarkable steps toward democracy, stability and development through dialogue, discussion and consensus.