Mar 03, 2009

Afrikaner: Candidates Team Unveiled

Active ImageThe Freedom Front Plus announced its ‘competent team’ for both province and Parliament elections.
Below is an article published by: IOL

The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) on Monday [02 March 2009] announced their premier candidates for the different provinces as well as the candidates list for the National Parliament in Cape Town.

The lists were finalised this past weekend during the FF Plus' Federal Conference and Federal Council meetings which took place in Bloemfontein.

Dr. Pieter Mulder, FF Plus Leader, expressed his satisfaction with the lists.

"The FF Plus sends a very competent team into the field. If an evaluation of the different candidate's CV's are made, it appears that the team has many years of experience and possess very specific skills over a wide spectrum of terrains", was his reaction.
Dr. Mulder pointed out that if only the first twelve candidates' number of years in elected public positions is added up, they possess 170 years' political experience in public positions.

All of the current Parliamentary Members of the party were appointed to the top positions while somebody like Andre Fourie, a former National Party minister, who is number nine on the list as well as Mr. Werner Weber, (number 7), had previously served in Parliament.

Dr. Rentia Landman (number 11) did not serve in Parliament or in a provincial legislature, but she has years of experience as an NP city councillor and is at present the chairperson of the FF Plus' Caucus in the Tshwane Metro Council.