Mar 02, 2009

Afrikaner: Freedom Front Plus Manifesto Launched

Active Image The Freedom Front Plus launched its manifesto with an appeal to all South Africans to ‘stand up for a better dispensation.’
Below is an article published by: IOL

The Freedom Front Plus on Saturday [28 February 2009] launched its 2009 election manifesto in Bloemfontein with an appeal to all South Africans to "stand up for a better dispensation".

Party leader Pieter Mulder said Afrikaners have the same interests and rights in South Africa as any other South African.

"We will not be shifted out," he told the party's federal conference during a direct broadcast of the party's manifesto launch on television and radio.

Mulder told an enthusiastic gathering that the Afrikaner would stand by his rights in the country and would "stand up" during the April 22 [2009] elections.

The FF Plus leader said his party would strive for a political dispensation which was directed by Christian values and characterised by the principles of justice, truth, neighbourly love, respect for life and property, loyalty and peaceful co-existence.

Mulder said the FF Plus resisted government actions and legislation which legalised abortion, harmed religious-based education, disregard property rights and allowed for ethical and moral decay and entrenched new forms of racism.

The party leader highlighted nine, out of 12, points of the party's manifesto for 2009.

First was that the Freedom Front Plus stood for the recognition and empowerment of independent communities.

The party said that to do this, it advocated the re-demarcation of municipalities and even provinces to give shape to self-reliant communities.

Mulder came out strongly for the forming of coalitions after the elections.

"With this election it will be possible for the first time to put the ANC as the opposition with coalitions with other parties," he said.

"We are standing for coalitions where the ANC do not get 50 percent."

Mulder said affirmative action, as a temporarily measure, had served its purpose and should be phased out by 2014.

"We suggest equal treatment for all young people," he said.

With regard to crime, the FF Plus wanted the Scorpions back to fight corruption as well as the commando system reinstated for rural safety.

The FF Plus also believed that the crisis in agriculture - which had seen South Africa move from an exporting country to importing country under the ANC - should no longer be tolerated.

"The government must acknowledge and appreciate the important role of agriculture as a job creator and food provider," Mulder said.

Other points covered in the manifesto were women's and children's rights, economic empowerment, social development, the combating of poverty, HIV/Aids, and health.

Mulder said voters should stand by the FF Plus and be "counted" if they were against the ANC's centralisation of power, the marginalisation of Afrikaners and other minorities, the crime situation, corruption and discrimination.

He urged Afrikaners to make the FF Plus strong enough to look after their interests in possible coalitions after the 2009 elections.