Feb 17, 2009

Chittagong Hill-Tracts: Land Issues To Be Resolved

Active ImageThe Government will form a land Commission to tackle land problems for the Aboriginals Communities.
Below is an article published by: The New Nation

The government will form a land commission to resolve land problem issues for all aboriginal communities in Chittagong Hill-Tract districts as the ownership of land was not established on the basis of birthright.

Food and Disaster Management Minister Dr Abdur Razzaque said this to a delegation at Secretariat.

The seven-member delegation was led by the Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Co-Chairman Lord Eric Avebury. Abdur Razzaque said that the Awami League government had signed the Chittagong Hill Tract Treaty in 1997. "My government is paying more attention to implement the treaty," the Minister told the delegation team.

He further said that the Government has taken programmes to ensure food security in Chittagong hill tract districts.

Lord Eric Avebury called upon the government to implement in full the 1997 treaty.

"If you (government) solve the land problems, than it would solve 80 percent of the problems in the Chittagong Hill Tract districts," he pointed out.

Sara Hossain, Dr Swapan Adnan, Dr Megla Guhatakurata, Yuko Shiva, Christina Nilsson and Shirin Sultana were in the delegation.