Feb 05, 2009

Sindh: Only a Fortnight to Prevent Wheat Crisis

Sample ImageSindh is left with only 15 days of wheat stock, if wheat is not imported soon a food crisis is certain.
Below is an article written by Saleem Chandio, and published by Regional Times:

Sindh Food Minister Nadir Magsi on Wednesday [4 February 2009] said that wheat crisis can crop up in Sindh if wheat imported and from the Center is not timely provided as Sindh has been left with only 15 days stock.

Center had promised Sindh to provide one million metric tons of wheat and so far only 50 percent wheat has been received, he said while briefing journalists after Sindh Assembly’s session.

In the past, Nadir Magsi pointed out the imported wheat was of very bad quality while for the wheat imported this year [2009], the government has assured us of its being good quality. However, until the wheat is received it will be premature to say anything about it. He informed that still two to two and a half months are required for the arrival of new wheat crop in the market and for supply of imported wheat to Sindh, federal government has given time frame of February 5 –8 [2009].

He said that Sindh expects to get one million tons of imported wheat, but still the shortage will continue to remain. In this regard, the Punjab Government has been contacted through Sindh Chief Minister and a final response from them is awaited.

To a question, the Minister said that Sindh’s daily wheat requirement stands at 10,000 metric tons and in this respect federal government has been demanded of 1.75 lac metric tons. Besides, Sindh is also demanding remaining 0.5 million tons of wheat from the center.