Jan 20, 2009

Iranian Kurdistan: Woman Condemned To Death

Active Image Accused to be a member of a Kurdish political party opponent of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Below is an article published by: Kurdistan Peace and Development Society

Kurdish political prisoner Ms. Zaynab Jalalian aged 27, was condemned to death by Kermanshah Revolutionary Court. She was arrested in May 2008. Jalalian was tried in Islamic Revolutionary Court of Kermanshah without any legal representation and sentenced to death. The court accused Jalalian of being a member of a Kurdish political party which opposed the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In 2008, the Iranian regime executed at least 370 people and sentenced 270 others to death. Majority of political prisoners who were sentenced to death were of Kurdish origin. According to a report recently published by Kurdistan Peace and Development Association in Finland, at least 200 Kurdish political detainees have been sentenced between 6 months to 20 years in jail. These people have been charged with supporting Kurdish political parties, threatening the unity and security of the country, and participating in demonstrations against the Islamic republic of Iran. According to Human Rights Organisation of Kurdistan at least 300 Kurdish political prisoners have been moved to other jails in Iran, making it very difficult for their families to visit them.

The Kurdistan Peace and Development Society (KPDS) is very concerned about the fate of Kurdish political prisoners in Iran. It brings to attention the ongoing economic and political segregation and military aggression against the Kurdish people in Eastern Kurdistan.

The KPDS urges human rights organisations, international community, the United Nations, the EU and United States to condemn these gross human rights violations by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Kurdistan Peace and Development Society
January 19, 2009 Stockholm