Jan 05, 2009

Somaliland: Voter Registration Will Be Completed

Active ImageDemocracy will prevail says Somaliland Elections Committee.



Below is an article published by the American Chronicle:

The Somaliland National Elections Commission has recently commenced the voter registration drive for the 2009 Presidential and local assemblies’ elections briefly postponed as the result of the October 29th [2008] […] attacks in Hargeisa.

The voter registration programme, [which is] funded in part by the Somaliland government, the European Union, the United States government and several other non-governmental organizations, is using bio-metrical technology to assure the validity of the process and the accuracy of the eligible voters across Somaliland.

The voter registration programme has now been completed in five […] of the six Somaliland provinces. Future voter programmes will take place in each of the 16 newly created provinces of Somaliland.

The last leg of the voter registration programme began on the 2nd of January [2009] in the region of Sool. There are expectations that the process will go smoothly in this region. The killing of two Somaliland soldiers who were providing security for the National Elections Commission officials outside of Buholdle in Sool will not halt the process.

The people of Somaliland deplore the killing of these two soldiers, gunned down as they did their duty for their nation. It was not unexpected that certain elements who fear the ballot box would resort to their usual modus operandi.

In a region beset by violence and mayhem, Somaliland stands as a beacon of success and stability. The people and the government of Somaliland remain vigilant against such crimes, and assure the international community that the voter registration will proceed and the 2009 elections will be held on time and any remaining issues will be resolved in a democratic and judicial manner, as befits a politically mature and stable nation.

The path of democracy is a long and arduous journey, and the people of Somaliland have been on this trek for the last eighteen years, and they will not be deterred or thwarted by acts of desperation from the undemocratic elements.

The citizens of Somaliland will be registered and they will exercise their democratic rights in the spring of 2009.