Dec 19, 2008

Oromo: Civilian Attacks

Active ImageGovt troops said to have murdered 2 Oromo civilians for supposed links to OLF.



Below is an article published by the Jimma Times:

The Wayyaanee [Ethiopian] […] army […] is reported to have killed two Oromo nationals in Western Harargee zone around a place known as Saaqqataa. An Oromo elder and nationalist Mr. Ahmed Adam was shot dead by the […]Ethiopian [Wayyaanee] troops on December 1, 2008. Mr. Ahmad Adam, 68, was killed because he was accused of supporting the Oromo Liberation Front, OLF.

Our reporters added that another Oromo nationalist whose name was not yet known was also shot dead at the same place […]

It is to be recalled that OLF News has reported on November 16, 2008 that at least 13 Oromos have been brutally killed by the TPLF regime under the pretext of having connections with the OLF in Northern Oromia, Walloo zone, Sambatee district.